ServiceKompagniet® is a facility management company with more than 30 years’ experience. The company is today one of the most professional suppliers on the market, and ServiceKompagniet® offers facility management services in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom.

We provide nationwide coverage with a broad spectrum of services. Each town or city is the responsibility of a single partner – and there are therefore no complex chains of command with a variety of managers who must give their approval. Staff are local and thus know the activities and opportunities in their local community – elementary!

ServiceKompagniet® wishes to be the preferred supplier within its present and future business areas by putting the customer at the centre of everything we do. We wish to provide solutions of high quality, where our staff are efficient and highly flexible. ServiceKompagniet® wishes to attract and retain the most skilled and dedicated employees, and wants all of them to provide professional services centred on customer needs.

Although all cleaning firms provide cleaning, we have strived right from the beginning to give our customers more than they expect.

Over the years, we have developed into a service company that sets high standards for quality and service while taking environmental considerations into account.

When companies choose a partner for cleaning, they look for assurance that all cleaning tasks will be solved, once and for all. They get such assurance when they choose ServiceKompagniet®.
We show respectOur integrity is non-negotiable. We respect our customers, our colleagues and our company.

We act

Actions speak louder than words. All our staff are “licenced to act and serve”, and we expect them to do so.

We take responsibility

Indifference is immoral. We take responsibility for our work and have an obligation to our customers.

We provide quality

ServiceKompagniet® is a professional service company with a passion for quality.
Although we cannot create trust and demonstrate commitment on our website, we can describe our services and offer a free no-obligation visit by one of our consultants where we can examine together your wishes and requirements for service.

A visit takes 20 minutes on average and can result in considerable savings for your company. Please contact our customer service on +44 203 6300 147 to arrange an obligation-free meeting – you can reach us on weekdays between 09.00 and 17.00.