ServiceKompagniet® can provide the service solution needed to run a hotel with high standards.
We offer our services to both large and small hotels. Right from the start, we have tried to stand out as a serious and credible alternative in a sector characterised by tough competition.

ServiceKompagniet® offers a service solution to match your expectations which supports days with varying resources, tasks and needs based on the level of hotel bookings.

Naturally, all our staff wear uniforms with name badges. Our personnel forms an integrated whole with your own staff and we act professionally in keeping with the hotel’s tone.

Through us, you receive competent, professional and committed staff who take pride in maintaining high professional standards at all times.

The services we offer hotels include:
Room cleaning, room service, cleaning of communal areas, reception services, night porter services, maintenance of outdoor areas, window cleaning, plant care, pool services, table setting for breakfast, meetings and conferences, and parking enforcement.