Canteen service with a wide range of inputs for your taste buds

The ServiceCompany canteen service offers delicious varied food, tailored to the wishes and needs of your business.

Our lunch buffet consists of both cold cuts and hot dishes of your specific choices and wishes. Additionally, salads, dressings, toppings and many other delights are served. We also offer fresh fruit and cake as an additional choice.

And of course, we always use the fresh, delicious and regional ingredients of the season.

Project days

Furthermore, we run project days where you can explore foreign cultures, for example the Mexican, Italian or Thai cuisine … or something completely different, fun and exciting. Only the senses and creativity set the agenda.

Therefore, we are always responsive to the wishes and creativity of your employees, as they are the ones to enjoy a nice and delicious lunch – a well deserved rest as they travel through colors and getting their taste buds tested.

Breakfast arrangements and other services

Amongst other things, we are in position to provide you breakfast-, business- and afternoon coffee tables arrangements. Please do not hesitate to acquire further information about the various options we offer, carried out in close corporation with you.

We always strive to please your employees, and work hard for you to see us as a unique partner in service, taste and experience.

Are you quality-conscious?

We see ourselves as the obvious choice for you as a quality-conscious customer.

Please contact us at tel. +45 70 26 26 86 for further information and get a specific overview of how flexible we are in relation to your company’s wishes and needs.

So until then … bon appetit!