• Commercial cleaning
  • Caretaker services
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Hotel and restaurant
  • Window cleaning


Our most important resource

ServiceKompagniet® shall be an attractive workplace where personnel have the opportunity for personal development.


Personnel at all levels shall have the opportunity of gaining via courses the knowledge they require to perform their work in the best possible way. Courses shall be agreed and planned with managers and inspectors.


When supervisors are to be appointed, the position shall be offered to those members of staff within the organisation who have the necessary qualifications and are interested in becoming a supervisor. If no qualified candidates are available, the position shall be advertised externally.


ServiceKompagniet® shall maintain a positive attitude to the trade unions in which staff are organised.

Service attitude

All employees of ServiceKompagniet® shall behave in a friendly manner towards customers and colleagues. Furthermore, ServiceKompagniet®’s supervisors are responsible for ensuring that customers and staff are met with competent professional know-how and appropriate service-minded conduct.