• Commercial cleaning
  • Caretaker services
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Hotel and restaurant
  • Window cleaning


We focus on our customers

ServiceKompagniet® aims to provide services of high quality.
ServiceKompagniet® wishes to be the UK’s most respected supplier within its present, and any future, business areas.
  • Customer satisfaction is of crucial importance. It is individual customers who define what is meant by satisfactory service.
  • Customers have a right to personal and individual service.
  • All complaints shall be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

ServiceKompagniet®’s personnel are bound by an extended duty of confidentiality towards the customer in all matters that they might become aware of during the performance of their work. This duty of confidentiality continues to apply after cessation of employment with the company.
It is a constant objective to maintain and build good customer relations.
Partnerships between customers and ServiceKompagniet® are expanded through scheduled customer visits. Reliable service, skilled employees and conscientious teams are your guarantee of high and stable quality.